AN353 Forensic Anthropology

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Mon Jun 8, 9:00 AM - Fri Jun 12, 5:00 PM, 2020 (IST)
Ferrycarrig, County Wexford, Ireland  

Forensic Anthropology: This one week credited program teaches students how to excavate and assess human remains in the surroundings of the Irish National Heritage Park located in Wexford on Ireland’s south-east coast. The Dead Men Do Tell Tales course is designed for students from a variety of academic backgrounds with an interest in osteoarchaeology and physical/forensic anthropology.

Forensic Anthropology: Students will gain practical burial excavation experience (in a controlled staged environment) and have the opportunity to analyse archaeological skeletal remains during laboratory sessions. Topics covered during lab sessions include: human and comparative osteology; determining sex, approximate age-at-death, living stature, identifying palaeopathological conditions and understanding how these techniques are used in archaeological and forensic contexts. The course integrates field excavation and practical laboratory sessions with cultural heritage excursions.

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Dr. Denis Shine

IAFS Director

Dr. Linda Lynch

Ferrycarrig, County Wexford, Ireland
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